Sarah Rae


Sarah Rae as an independent artist based out of Atlanta, GA. Starting music from the young age of 8, she sought to bring an abundant beauty in to the world mixed with vulnerability, and life-altering changes. She dropped music in her late teens, and pursued a career of beauty after finishing college with a Bachelor of the Arts in Literature & Music Theory. "I've never felt more connected to the collective," she muses about being signed to her first artist role under the label Bentley Records early 2021. She recollects the courage of starting her own business before the pandemic of 2020, and how that confidence pushed her back to her "first love" - music.

The music behind Sarah Rae is driven by a plethora of sounds combining dream pop, shoegaze, and pop punk to create soulful music, with clarity that brings you both dissonance, and harmony. She seeks to balance both the ability to breathe life in to the listener with major progression, but also make them think with downward dissonance to create a clash the truly strikes your nerve. She consistently writes about the expressions of life, and how she has managed to overcome the trials, and tribulations it has thrown at her. From her first released single "Dancing Sun" all the way to her first full length album, "Bridge to Neverland", she has been referred to by locals as the Atlanta Songbird. She strives to genre-bend, and has self-proclaimed her music as "siren rock" most recently to fully encompass the plethora of sound that is generated by her music. Her live band, referred to her as her "Sunshines", consists of guitarist Anthony Crupi, Steve Bob Victor, Chris Tinsley, and Nicholas Mays, plans to tour with her in the very near future!

"Sarah Rae pulses and glows with refracted rays of light. Flush with shimmering guitars and airy textures, the track glides through the stratosphere with a kind of sun-kissed persistence; the longer you listen, the more its enveloping warmth sinks into your bones."

Immersive Atlanta