Blooming MessSarah Rae
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Blooming Mess is a sound-based blast from the past. Written about the messy process of becoming a person we all see ourselves as in adulthood, this track is driven by post punk energy, and overlaid by the dissonanced vocals Sarah Rae finds drives most of her sound. Successfully interweaving her new dream pop vocals everyone has fallen in love with, the songstress calls back on her punk band days to mash together the past, and the future with energetic guitars, deep baseline, and those muffled, angelic vocals to really curate that experimental soul she has.


She told them all where to be.

Look, tomorrow isn’t where I’ll be.

I said I’m done with ego,

Reality took my face again.

It’s alright, we’re alright,

Shake off the race like I always do,

Aint it fun to be such a


*blooming mess,

Man, we can be such,

A handful, I confess,

But we’ll never know,

What we know, 

Until we act out, such a

Blooming mess,

A rightful


*blooming mess,

Don’t you feel it?

How could you know,

What we know, 

Until we act out, such a

Blooming mess.


Well, build your house as tall as you can,

Man the walls, hold it all in.

Don’t forget those bricks,

Don’t forget, they’ll try to kick,

You down. So you just have to be a


*blooming mess,

Don’t you fall,

Shake them up,

You beautiful, absolute,

Blooming mess.