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Crimson Rose takes its place in Sarah Rae's arsenal as an "epic" dream pop tune that weaves dissonance, and vocal power to really tap in to the bitter sweet emotion of letting go of things that no longer serve you. This retrowave/synthpop tune leads with a soft, staccato synth, and almost immediately crescendos in to the outpour of emotion that is releasing old "petals", as she calls it. The songbird takes off by really showing off the range of her vocals to truly express the ups and downs of human interaction.


How silly it is,

That you sit in the dark,

And wonder what it feels like,

To hold on to their heart.


A silly girl,

Wrapped up in her silly world,

Like the rose trapped,

In a glass house.


The crimson rose,

Full of poise,

Speaks in prose,

Coil up tight,

Like a crimson rose.


A rose with no name,

A petal falling to each flame,

And every drop,

With every stop,

She grows another thorn to her name.


The crimson rose,

Full of poise,

Speaks in prose,

She covers it all up,

Shield her glass house,

A silly girl,

In her silly world,

Shaking up the glass house,

break free of the


crimson rose, she won’t be

Your crimson rose.

Let her bloom

that crimson rose.