Sarah Rae is an independent musician based out of Atlanta, The music behind Sarah Rae is driven by a plethora of sounds combining dream pop, shoegaze, and pop punk to create soulful music, with clarity that brings you both dissonance, and harmony. She seeks to balance both the ability to breathe life in to the listener with major progression, but also make them think with downward dissonance to create a clash the truly strikes your nerve. She consistently writes about the expressions of life, and how she has managed to overcome the trials, and tribulations it has thrown at her. She was classically trained vocally, as well as classically trained on the piano starting at the age of 8. "Dancing Sun" was her first produced single that begged the listener to question their emotions around the tune. Melodic dance-inducing chords, overlayed by dissonanced vocals will really strike certain nerves, but don't worry -- you'll be dancing regardless. "Blueberry Heart" was unofficially her first original composition. Written in 2017 as a piano composition, she updated the jam as a "pop ballad", and produced it out of her home. This was where she realized how enticing minor vocals over major progression is, and started her journey down the road of experimentation, and that dream pop/shoegaze sound you hear in recent releases. ​


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Sarah Rae has talked with many publications about the abundance of genres under the indie pop umbrella that settles in to the composition of her music, but most recently has cited -- "siren rock. Siren rock is the best way to explain my music. There's too many elements to factually give you a genre, but that is one that can easily encompass it all from the operatic overtures, to the post-rock and shoegaze riffs, and the subtleties of synth pop." She's been referred to by many publications as being the creator of genre-bending, unique shoegaze tracks that really beg the listener to question everything by using emotion of meaning. Fans of the Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, and Lush should definitely be on the look-out for all of the moves from this emerging indie artist. 


A&R Factory

"Be free again: Atlanta Dream Pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on "Dancing Sun"

Immersive Atlanta

"the longer you listen, the more its enveloping warmth sinks into your bones."

Chalkpit Records

"a healthy dose of ear-catching, dissonanced vocals, and a catchy pop punk melody as the driving force of the song."

Music Crowns

"Shockwave" sees Sarah Rae's haunting vocals weave in and out of energetic guitar riffs."

African Hype

"Sarah Rae has etched out refreshing vibes of pop with a breathtaking rhythm in her new EP "brand new eyes"


"Enjoy brilliant pop-infused flavors with Sarah Rae's new EP"

The Further

"The singer’s creativity is undeniable as she also blends powerful eclectic guitar riffs with touches of post-punk."

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