Poison IvySarah Rae
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Poison Ivy" is a track written about how it may sound to fall in love. Love has many layers, and unconditionally transitions between them. With the E minor melody beneath the C major vocals, and bottom melody, this shoegaze tune starts soft, slow, dazed, and ends on this crescendo of emotion leading in to a final bar of stillness, and peace.


In any way, 
In every way, 
You pull her in, 
Whisper your golden tongue, 
Dripping down her neck in a crimson run. 
Then you give her the slip, 
Lie awake, inhale that sweet embrace, 
Hold her close, with her heart overgrown through the window. 

Catching you, 
Devouring you, 
Like poison ivy. 
Rip her apart, 
She splits your heart, 
Wide open, 

(Whisper) Like poison ivy.

In your sun.