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US "Bridge to Neverland" Album Premiere


Rising Stars: Meet Sarah Trammell

Spill Magazine

Canada "Bridge to Neverland" Album Premiere


"it’s like this amazing combination of like…The Strokes, Stereolab, and early R.E.M. all in one…and of course, through that same very hybrid combination, just like none of them at all as well."

Immersive Atlanta

"a personal highlight as well as a live fan favorite. It isn’t difficult to see why. Mixing percolating pop sounds with dreamy, windswept vocals, “Poison Ivy” encapsulates much of Rae’s musical appeal."

A&R Factory

"Atlanta indie artist Sarah Rae explores the multifaceted nature of love with her new single, Poison Ivy"

Edgar Allen Poets

"An incredible vocal timbre, ethereal and ancestral that made me think of being Ulysses during his odyssey when he was bewitched by the mermaids."

IndieX Music

"There's a real talent to this young artist, -  in the poetic, echoey lyricism, and in the anthemic, cresending upbeat sound perfectly mixed with a tranquil soundscape."

Immersive Atlanta

"the longer you listen, the more its enveloping warmth sinks into your bones."

Music Crowns

"Shockwave" sees Sarah Rae's haunting vocals weave in and out of energetic guitar riffs."

Chalkpit Records

"a healthy dose of ear-catching, dissonanced vocals, and a catchy pop punk melody as the driving force of the song."

African Hype

"Sarah Rae has etched out refreshing vibes of pop with a breathtaking rhythm in her new EP "brand new eyes"


"Enjoy brilliant pop-infused flavors with Sarah Rae's new EP"

Daily Music Spin

"A riveting course of rhythmic and lyrical union"

The Further

"The singer’s creativity is undeniable as she also blends powerful eclectic guitar riffs with touches of post-punk."

Shoutout ATL

"Meet the Musician Salon Owner of Atlanta!"

Indie Music Spot

"Subtly energetic, sweet songstress"

A&R Factory

"Be free again: Atlanta Dream Pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on "Dancing Sun"

Immersive Atlanta

"Threading the needle between chunky ‘90s alt-rock and dreamy synth-pop, the song is an ode to transformation and planting your own flags."

A&R Factory

"Shake off the race: Sarah Rae reminds us that it's okay to be a Blooming Mess."

Artist Reach

"Encompassing a realm of passion and the solace of sensuality, Sarah Rae’s beautiful overtones are made present at the forefront from the very beginning."


"she’s a fearless warrior on the front-lines of music, and a genuinely creative artist."

Recording Artists Guild

"The single boasts an emotional drive and a set of lively instrumentation that breeds a deepening and dream-esque pop vibe and the whole thing seems to breathe with life"

entertainment network live

"Melodic dance-inducing chords, overlayed by dissonanced vocals will really strike certain nerves, but don't worry -- you'll be dancing regardless."


"Sarah Rae goes retro on stellar single, "Crimson Rose"This dream pop princess is flipping musical genres and not sticking to one thing, something we wholeheartedly adore about her and artists these days."

A&R Factory

"‘Crimson Rose’ is the latest single from breaking artist Sarah Rae who merges dream-pop with hyper-pop to resounding effect. The Atlanta-based singer-songwriter set out to create an epic dream-pop track that weaves through dissonance; discernibly, she succeeded."

B Squared Magazine

"The track is emotional, relatable, powerful and inspiring! The music keeps a good beat and lays down the base so that Sarah Rae’s voice can be the star of the song."


"The harmonic, angelic vocal performance is really something that isn't found very commonly, especially in the modern world of pop songs. It brings a unique twist to shoegaze, retro wave and other genres, showcasing Sarah Rae's willingness to experiment with new musical styles, and also showcasing her aweinspiring qualities of originality and especially creativity."


"Similar in sound to Rachel Goswell, which in our opinion is a massive compliment, she’s bridging the gap between the old and modern take on a less appreciated genre."

A&R Factory

"With a rejuvenation-filled feeling that is entranced by wonderfully beautiful and divine feminine energy, Sarah Rae has our hearts feeling full again with ‘Selenite Soul‘."


"Truly showing off an immense amount of diversity in not only genre, but in the skills that Sarah Rae possesses, we sincerely can’t wait for all old and new listeners to give this one a spin."