Selenite SoulSarah Rae
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Selenite Soul is a shoegaze tune led by hard-hitting toms in to a galactic slide guitar that really embodies Sarah Rae's vocal range similar to her last 80s synth pop hit. Selenite Soul was written about not being afraid of fear when on the nonlinear path of healing, and she really encourages her listens to float away to space to cleanse their soul whenever they absolutely need to.

We go to space.

Now, we know, oh we know,
How to live, where we go.
Hit that exit door,
Remember how we got here,
Our healing isn’t done, but still we must

Selenite soul.
Selenite babe, your smile is so sweet.
We’re on our way,
On our way, away.
Let it go,
Cleanse your soul,

Stay in space, babe
That’s where you’ll find me.
Oooh selenite soul,
Oh babe!
Cleanse your soul, bring me peace.
I’m ready to move on to the next dimension.

Oooooooh, off to space we go.
Off this world, we know,
We know, oh we know.
Go away, away.
We’re on our way,
On our way out the door.
Away, away.

Lead them away,
You splendid selenite soul.
Ooooh, selenite soul
Away we go, away
Leave them all for outer space~