Shadow GirlSarah Rae
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Written with the groove of horror surf rock, and is a spooky cousin to my track Galaxy Flower off of my EP album Brand New Eyes. Using suspended harmony, starting the track with a picked guitar to grab your attention, and using cascading vocal progression to express both the subtlety, and prominence of one's shadow self. She wrote this track to invoke the spirit of the mischievous nature of the shadow version you may have of yourself.

Wild little shadow,
Probably need to sew you to,
The soles of my feet, now go-o-o

O-o-o-o, mischief is your name.
O-o-o-o, nobody to blame.
time for us to 
show the world this
Sha-a-dow girl.
Sha-a-Dow girl.

Don’t they know how dangerous,
A lost girl can be?
Are we lost, or defiant?
Do we fear misdirection,
Or own it?

They say what doesn’t kill you,
Makes you stronger,
Shadow Girl.

O-o-o-o, mischief is our name.
O-o-o-o, nobody to blame.
Let’s show the world what we’ve got,
Nobody is going to save us.
Sha-a-dow girl.